Abandoned by the gate.

I am a poor old tractor

Abandoned near a wood

But I was once a work horse

I’d tell you if I could.

I ploughed the fields and scattered

The good seed on the land,

Oiled and greased and ready

To help my old farm hand.

We harrowed the old meadow,

We rolled the gentle glen.

We chugged along the byways

The world was different then.

Churns were in the trailer

Straw was in a stook

Gentle honest farming

Not learnt from any book.

But the wind was changing

And I had been replaced,

With modern new machinery

I was left to waste.

Abandoned near the gateway

The rust soon took its toll,

My tyres went flat and useless

My engine leaked out oil.

The brambles tried to hide me

As if they were ashamed.

And soon I was forgotten

Old ways forever changed.

They bought a brand-new combine

And had to move the gate,

Once more I was discovered

A long-forgotten mate.

No paintwork on my panels,

No wheel to steer me by,

No way to start my engine

No one would even try.

Now I am just a memory

I’ll never pull the plough

I look out in amazement

At those that pull them now.

But once I was amazing

Once I was brand new

Once I was the engine

That others came to view.

Remember time keeps turning

It never is too late

To grasp the joy of living

Before it’s you left by the gate.

Jan Millward©