The battery hen.

Mary was a battery hen

She laid her eggs each day at ten.

Ten thousand others in her shed,

Always warm and always fed.

She didn’t know that there was more

Not far away outside the door.

She ate her food and had a drink

Because she wasn’t bred to think.

At night the lights were dimmed quite low.

She never heard a cockerel crow.

No perch for her, no day or night

No room to stretch as if in flight.

Then someone said this isn’t fair.

We need to think a bit and care.

The chickens need to have more space

To spread their wings, it’s a disgrace.

And when some farmers saw the harm,

They tried to free range poultry farm.

Where hens could scratch and get outside

And if it rained could run and hide.

Yes, it costs more for happy hens,

It takes more space for bigger pens.

But surely it is worth the price

Buy free range eggs, they taste so nice.

So, Mary’s life was not in vain.

Now many hens feel sun and rain.

And scratch around for worms and seeds,

Not feeding others greedy needs.

We all must think and have the choice.

Vote with our feet and have a voice.

Take the time to check the labels,

And buy the best that you are able.

Jan Millward©