I remember that day so far back in time

When we won the world cup, it seemed so sublime

My Uncles and Dad all crammed round a screen

I remember it now, I can picture the scene

They had all gathered round and were drinking warm beer

They were full of good heart, they were brimming with cheer

They had served in the war not that long ago

And the German’s were back, they still were their foe.

They were crammed round the screen just ten inches square.

The cheers from the crowd hung high in the air.

They puffed on their pipes, they sucked on cigars

They were watching new hero’s, England’s young stars.

I knew all their names, but I loved Nobby Styles

A fierce little player, with toothy odd smiles.

And then there was Banks protecting our goal,

And we watched on as Mum built the fire up with coal.

We were caught in the power, swept up in the glory

Whilst our footballers wrote their own special story

There were hugs, there were tears, Joyce danced on the table

And Uncle Fred kissed poor old Great Aunty Mabel.

It’s locked in my mind that most special of days,

And some of it’s lost in times misty haze.

Moore brought it home with that special of teams

Since then we’ve just hoped and followed the dream.

Jan Millward©