It's hot.

I know I shouldn’t moan

I should be happy with my lot,

But what are you supposed to do

When it’s so blooming hot?

I didn’t like the rain

I got stuck in all that snow.

But now the sun is shining

Everything’s aglow.

I’ve got sunburn on my ankles

Where I didn't put suncream,

And I love a bit of sunshine

But this is quite extreme.

I’ve got ice cubes in the freezer

To try and cool me down,

And where I wore my glasses

I now look like a clown

My back is really sticky

Sweat runs from every pore,

my boobs are slowly steaming

and my feet are red and sore.

Don’t even mention sleeping

All I do is toss and turn,

Then roll over on my sore bits

And feel the after burn.

but soon we will be moaning

that we are getting cold

and the roof has started leaking

and the wall’s covered in mould

so I’m trying to be grateful

and I’m sat with my ice pack,

because this is life in England

and the rain will soon be back.

Jan Millward©