Happy Birthday to the NHS.We are proud!

We are so very lucky, life here is quite a breeze.

We have someone to sort out our hips and dodgy knees.

If we are feeling poorly we can go off to the Doc's

who's there throughout life's journey until we're in our box.

From rashes when we're little, to broken legs and arms,

The NHS provides us with a haven from all harm.

The clinics for assortments of chronic aches and pains,

The nurses there to prod us and stick needles in our veins.

The green clad paramedics trained to keep us all alive.

First aiders on the road side to ensure that we survive.

The years of dedication to train to be a surgeon,

the gentle reassurance when you think you are a burden.

The vomit and the urine and the smelly defecation,

all cleaned up by so many who help protect our nation.

The midwives and the carers, the ones who make the tea.

All inside a big umbrella to care for the likes of me.

The tiny premmie' babies in plastic incubators.

The lovers and the junkies, the smilers and the haters.

Support for older people who have given up on life,

the gentle caring hug for the man who's lost his wife.

The OT's and the Physio's, the ones on the front desk.

The staff that keep on going and don't have time to rest.

The heartache when life's over, the joy when it's begun

The paediatric nurses who try to make life fun.

The scanners and the prodders, the ones who mend your heart.

The medic's and the pharmacists, each one will play their part.

The consultants and the experts, each once was a trainee.

We are so very lucky to have health care that is free.

So many people working to provide us with good health.

To protect our minds and bodies is the real sign of wealth.

Our NHS is precious and we want to say out loud

that for each and everyone of you we are so very proud.

Jan Millward©