Farm Kids.

There are kids that grow up normal

and drink milk out of a bottle.

And then there are the farm kids

who have lives lived at full throttle.

To farm kids it is normal

to spend days out in the sun.

Climbing trees and getting muddy

is their idea of fun.

Helping to move cattle,

standing in a gap.

Knowing the small difference

between a mushroom and Death Cap.

Feeding lambs by bottle,

holding the torch for Dad.

Helping with a calving,

the happy times and sad.

Knowing the importance

of shutting all the gates.

Talking to the chickens

with a dog that's your best mate.

A little pair of overalls

Spending life in wellies,

helping in the parlour

not caring if you're smelly.

Knowing names of flowers,

picking out the weeds.

Pulling up the thistles

before they make the seeds.

Taking out the sandwiches

and sitting in the fields.

Listening to the cowman

talking about the yields.

Knowing what needs doing,

learning common sense.

Handing out the staples

when Dad's mending an old fence.

Learning to drive a tractor

before you're even ten.

You'll know when you are ready,

no one can tell you when.

Riding a small pony

over little home made jumps.

Not caring about bruises

scratches and lumps and bumps.

Sliding down snowy hillsides

on bags stuffed full of straw,

making dens in tree tops

who could want for more.

Going home exhausted

with a smile upon your face

pockets full of conkers

a life no one could replace!

Jan Millward©