Sending out sparks.

Oh give me someone with a backbone, who knows their wrong from their right. Not one who listens to gossips, but will listen long into the night.

Steer me away from hyenas, who circle when life treats me wrong. Keep me close to the ones who respect me, and when I am weak make me strong.

Give me the power to fly solo, and not always run with the pack. Let me find someone to talk to who'll always be watching my back.

Let me weed out life's bullies and give me the courage to stand. Not back away in a corner or hide my head in the sand.

Don't let others defeat me with spiteful gossip and hate, it will always come back to bite them just give me the patience to wait.

Turn my face to the sunshine and leave the shadows behind, no one will love all the haters remind me to try and be kind.

Make me the better person when others just want me to fail. Keep me away from the doubters, let common sense prevail.

Wrap me up tight in happy, keep out the nasty remarks. Nothing annoys like a smiler when they are sending out sparks! Jan Millward©