The Shire is where my life begun, the county where the sauce is from. Meanders of the river Severn, The Malvern hills so close to heaven.

The Vale of Evesham drips with plums, where bees on wing make noisy hums. Worcester's buildings, black and white. The cathedral towers to dizzy heights.

Redditch is where I went to school, we had to do things by the rule. It's where I learned of verbs and nouns it's now a bustling growing town.

And Edward Elgar gave us all music to fill the Albert hall. The county that I call my shire, with country lanes and towering spires.

From north to south the road runs fast. And some may stop, but most drive past. But this is where are all my roots, the county famous for it's fruits.

And I have moved and gone away, but maybe I'll go back some day. and have a look at our old place, and see old friends face to face. Jan Millward©