The world watches with bated breath, the storm drives on as dark as death. Some are already lost or drowned, as others flee to safer ground.

Relentless as the hounds of hell it flattens towns to just a shell. We see the agonising plight and weep at the devastating sight.

The farmers mark their stock in hope, releasing gates, undoing rope. They pray that nature helps them through, there's nothing else that they can do.

The roads are blocked, the gas runs dry, the children are too shocked to cry. They've done their best to be prepared, but everyone is running scared.

The wind picks up the falling leaves, and cruelly whistles through the trees. The ones who made the choice to stay can only sit and wait and pray.

The fearsome force of natures wrath, destroys what ever is in it's path. There is no more that they can do, they have to trust that they'll get through.

And in the darkness of the night, we all must send a guiding light. and help with whatever we can spare, to show them just how much we care. Jan Millward©