Gender neutral

September 6, 2017



When I was just a little child I could tell who was a girl,
I didn't need a party frock so I could do a twirl.
I wasn't into dressing up, I preferred to climb up trees
and often would be filthy with scabby bloody knees.


We used to make up games and try and tease the boys,
we'd never even heard of gender specific toys.
I had tea sets, dolls and teddies and  frilly pink pyjamas
and now they're trying to tell us this sort of stuff will harm you.


I had bows upon my dresses, I had ribbons in my hair
but it didn't make me girly, I really didn't care.
I'd tuck my dress into my knickers and paddle in the brook,
or lie amongst the daisies with my nose stuck in a book.


Now everyday we're hearing all sorts of silly hype,
how we must protect our children and never stereotype.
When I was very little my clothes were second hand,
it never really mattered, nothing was ever grand.


I grew up in the 70's, I did cookery at school.
 Boys always did the woodwork, because that was the rule.
It's great that times have changed and we now have better choice
but political correctness is losing us our voice.


Lets celebrate our differences but never lose our sight
of what is just plain stupid and what is wrong or right.
You may tell me I'm old fashioned, but I'll never give a dam
because I prefer my men in trousers, that's just the way I am!
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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