So here I am, I'm getting on This birthday I am sixty. I do not think that I am old just maybe not so nifty.

One thing you learn upon the way are the things that really matter. The rest is frothy inane stuff, the superficial chatter.

I've built a soft protective shell to keep me out of trouble. When people start to wear me down I step inside my bubble.

I've had my share of ups and downs, I've learnt from my mistakes. I've sussed out all the takers. and can spot the ones who're fake.

I'm past the point of caring if my hair is turning grey. And my extra lines and wrinkles cannot be creamed away.

My body's built for comfort there's now no hope of speed, and glasses are now needed for when I want to read.

But in my head I'm thirty and I like to take a chance, and go on new adventures and join in with life's dance.

Sixty is just a number, stand back and watch this space. because sometimes slow and steady is the one who wins the race! Jan Millward©