Dot to Dot.

When you're joining up life's picture dot by special dot, there are no regulations, just what you did or not.

To paint in your unique journey, you must start with number one. This story is about you, so get out and have some fun.

You cannot always see what your canvas will unfold, but make sure your lines are joined up, colourful and bold.

And sometimes it will take you on a frantic mystery tour, it could lead you to person who will love you true and pure.

Your path might be a zig zag or curve right to the edge, or propel you on a highway or sit you on a ledge.

You may think that where you're going might be a dead end street, but that path will make you stronger, don't think about defeat.

You might not spot the numbers that connect the strands together but they're written in the stardust and will be there forever.

And sometimes you may cross a line and not see where you're going and you feel that you've stagnated and can't handle the not


But like on a roller coaster you will see the goal in sight and you'll sear to the next number like a sparkling meteorite.

Don't rush the precious milestones spent with your family smile and be forgiving, kiss better that scratched knee.

Life is about the pathway, the soaring peaks and troughs The times you shared with others, the hours when life was tough.

Scattered on the wayside are the chances you might take along with tears and laughter and that special lucky break.

The events you share with others, the days not good enough times full of pomp and purpose and moments of pink fluff.

It may never be quite perfect, but this is your unique story. You may feel you didn't strive and get your share of power and glory.

But when you reach your final chapter and reflect on what you see, make sure that you have painted the best you that you could be! Jan Millward©