Old and grey.

Way back when I was younger and I was much more nifty, I always thought that I'd retire when I had just turned sixty. So I paid my National Insurance and worked my way on through. I paid up all my taxes, and got by as our kids grew.

It wasn't something done then, to worry about a pension, but now they've moved the goal posts and I am racked with tension. The government need money to support the sick and needy. I fully understand that, I never have been greedy.

But now they think we're likely to live a good deal longer, and we are all expected to stay fit and be much stronger. They say we should stay working for many more years yet, so we don't get into trouble and find ourselves in debt.

And when we're old and knackered, if they don't change their mind we'll get our few quid pension and they'll think they're being kind. And when we are quite worn out they'll put us in a home, and make us sell our house so we don't have to get a loan.

So the moral to this story is to live and have some fun, because their promises are empty when all is said and done. Enjoy each precious minute and save for a rainy day because the government won't help you, when you are old and grey. Jan Millward©