The holiday.

The kids are all excited, the holidays are here. Six long weeks of summer, the best time of the year. The suitcases are bulging with summer tops and shorts, balls and rackets waiting for use in seaside sports.

The car is packed for camping, tents and fold up chairs. Towels and bags and cossies, are carried down the stairs. The neighbour has the rabbit and will water all the plants, whilst George is double checking that he's packed all of his pants.

And finally we're ready for a week out in the sun, camped in a field in Devon, we're ready for some fun. We set off nice and early, we want to beat the rush and we settle for the journey in a happy family crush.

Everyone is smiling, we've packed some bags of treats. We're singing to the radio and sucking on our sweets. We get on to the motorway, we know it's a long drive but we weren't prepared for seven hours stuck on the M5.

Wendy's getting crabby and says she needs a drink, and George thinks she has farted and says she really stinks. Dad is getting cranky, the traffic's nose to tail and we are moving forward no faster than a snail.

A sign says that the services are another thirty miles. Both kids now need the toilet, this is going to be a trial, Then finally we make it, even though it's been a pain, but when we get the tent out it we can feel it start to rain.

A week stuck under canvas when the weather isn't great makes us start to think we shouldn't have ever left our gate. But some how we all manage to have a lovely time, and Mum and Dad remembered to pack their favourite wine.

Then when the week is over, we head back the way we came. Stuck in the same old traffic, it's not our favourite game. Then early in September when school has just begun The clouds all melt like butter and we're bathed in baking sun! Jan Millward©