Royal, beautiful, strong but naïve. She entered our hearts and will never leave. We watched her blossom like a wild flower, unique and unknowing how strong was her power.

She stole our hearts we're not sure why, she was young and vulnerable and very shy. She fell in love with a Royal Prince and she's been in our thoughts ever since.

We gasped at her gown on her wedding day, holding on tight to her glorious bouquet. But we didn't know of the storm clouds ahead, we just saw her youth and beauty instead.

She dominated the news and the press, with every new bag and designer dress. We copied her hair, we dreamt of her life living the dream of a Royal young wife.

And then the babies, her precious young boys. Pictured in papers, playing with their toys. Her love shone out in every new story. She had it all, the style and the glory.

But then we saw a different face, behind the smile and delicate grace. Dark clouds were gathering and no one knew why. She often looked like she'd just had a cry.

The press were relentless, they hunted her down. Looking for cracks and making her frown. The woman we knew as the people's princess was spirally down, her life was a mess.

We loved her for caring and trying so hard, for letting us see life behind her guard. For all the good she did in the world, Her private life exposed and unfurled.

She used her position to help other people, we looked on in awe awaiting each sequel. The lovers and lifestyle, the pain and the fun but then she was gone, her life hardly begun.

We couldn't take in what we saw in the news. The car crash, the horror, everyone had views. The nation was mourning, we all had a cry as we said sad farewells to our own Princess Di.

We wept at the princes as they followed behind the flower covered coffin, they looked so resigned. The end of an era, the country felt lost. The press had their pictures, but what was the cost?

And time passes by, her boys are now men. We look at the photo's of them now and then. She still shines so bright, we can see in their eyes. The new generation won't let her love die. Jan Millward©