Stay safe.

July 28, 2017

Please be safe down on the farm,
we don't want you to come to harm.
Please take heed, it's not too late
to take control of your own fate.


When you are out and all alone,
always take your mobile phone.
It might just be your only link,
just take a moment, stop and think.


Old tractors should have a roll bar
even if you don't go that far.
Somebody else might have a go
and they can tip, however slow.


Make sure your guards are all in place,
however busy, do not race.
You don't want on your epitaph
“He didn't want to wait for staff”.


Respect your stock, and never ever
try to outwit them, that's not clever.
However many years you've farmed
there is a chance that you'll be harmed.


A farmer is against the clock,
baling hay and checking stock.
We all take risks, but take the time
to think it through and you'll be fine.


And if you have lagoons of slurry
make sure they're fenced, it is a worry.
Kids love to play around the yard
but think it through, it's not that hard.


Enjoy the life, it is the best,
you work long hours, have little rest.
A moments thought will save you pain
and keeps you safe to farm again.
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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