July 26, 2017

It seems some folk think there is harm
done by the guys who dairy farm.
But I have worked on one or two,
and I have seen another view.


These guys protect our countryside
and breed their herds with lots of pride.
The cows have fields to browse and graze.
This is no modern  passing craze.


The calf just wants to have a feed,
to drink up milk is all they need.
When I was rearing calves they knew
exactly when and what I'd do.


They'd race around the golden straw,
no animal could want for more.
They'd rush up knowing they'd be fed,
all safe inside their airy shed.


For centuries man has milked the cows
and now it's causing lots of rows,
domesticated stock is able
to fill the nation's dinner table.


But now it seems some think it cruel
and treat the farmer like a fool.
Not knowing all about the facts
but looking to see who reacts.


I value each and every view,
but learn the facts on what they do.
They can't afford to be unkind
come to the farm for piece of mind.


 Wonderful stockmen farm this land
please try and see and understand.
Come have a look over the gate.
Show some respect, it's not too late.
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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