Agri' College.

Oh the years at Agri' College, back in the mists of time. The fun we had together when we were in our prime.

I'm not sure how we made it and came out qualified, we messed about so often but somehow we must have tried.

We slept through many lectures and copied other's notes, and never could remember the Latin word for oats.

We learned of crop rotation and of parasites in sheep, then spent the night out drinking and got stuck in a lamb creep.

We researched the spread of lungworm and dug live fluke out of liver, we practised trimming cows feet and hid bits in Karen's dinner.

We stole eggs from off the unit and boiled them in our kettles, to supplement our eating and keep us in fine fettle.

We'd examine oozing pustules and debate brown rust in wheat, whilst making sure the canteen still had plenty left to eat.

We'd drink down pints of cider when we should have been revising, then panicked in the exam room but the results were quite surprising.

We'd practise worming cattle and then have a cow pat fight, then go to the college disco and dance long into the night.

Those days at Agri College I remember with a laugh but as I get much older I feel sorry for those staff! Jan Millward©