Farm Girls.

You may criticise our make up, you can laugh about our teeth. You can think we have no feelings, but don't know what lies beneath.

You can laugh at all the farm girls with broken finger nails, the ones in dirty overalls and muck from off cows tails.

You may scoff at farmer tan lines, the straw stuck in our hair. But please don't try and judge us that really isn't fair.

You may think it really funny that we get straw in our bra's, but we will get our own back when you're following in your car.

Because farm girls can drive tractors and we will go soo slow, if you drive too close behind us and have no place to go.

And please don't patronise us, we know how to castrate it's much better to respect us then we can be great mates.

Don't snipe about our cattle or snigger at our sheep we have the skills if needed that could make a grown man weep.

Farm girls are the toughest but know all their stock by name they can deal with cows at calving and sort out sheep when lame.

They can service the old tractor and bale up fields of hay, stay up all night lambing and mend the fence by day.

They can spot an sickly heifer, milk a herd of cattle. Ride a stroppy pony as if they're going to battle.

They can plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land. Train a bull to halter and be there to lend a hand.

And sometimes they achieve this with a kid or two in tow, and still have hair that's shiny and cheeks that are all aglow.

Don't underestimate a farm girl, many are college trained. There is a lot more to it than cooking on the range.

But when you get to know them you will find a heart of gold, and if you are really lucky you will live to be quite old! Jan Millward©