Dorset Skies.

I've lived my life in many places. Travelled the world, seen many faces. I've climbed up to some dizzy heights, I've crossed the world seen all the sights.

But the county that is home to me, Is where I live and I feel free. Dorset, that green and golden County, worth more to me than any bounty.

The Golden cliffs, long Chesil Beach. The wooded glades we all can reach. The county Hardy knew was where there was a space we all can share.

Dorchester is the County Town with Poundbury linked now to the Crown. Seeped in the walls our history lies beneath the wide expansive skies.

The swans, the gardens,stately homes. Coastal tracks for us to roam. the footpaths, castles, National Trust. A place to wear out, never rust.

The bustling seaside towns and boats, it's hard to live here and not gloat. The farms, a patchwork on the hills. The fossil finds that give us thrills.

The orchids lining moss green banks, we know we really must give thanks. Historic churches, hidden sights. The open space and star filled nights.

And if you stand by Durdle Door, you know you couldn't wish for more. The seagulls soaring in the air, what better place to stand and stare.

But when you have to go away you may be sad and want to stay but leaving makes you realise, your heart belongs ’neath Dorset skies. Jan Millward©