Other women's handbags.

May 14, 2017

Some thing’s in life are sacred
but the one thing that's taboo,
is another woman's handbag
 it's something you never view.


It is one of life's mysteries,
where you must never look.
We all know the rules of handbags,
it's not written in a book.


There are secret small compartments
with ancient tubes and potions.
And a lip balm from the 90's
and anti ageing lotion.


There are little packs of tissues
we all keep just in case.
and a vintage panty liner
that you never have replaced.


There's a useful sticky plaster 
in case you get a blister,
and a compact and a mirror
a present from your sister.


There are secret heaps of tablets
for headaches and the wind.
They are ten years past their sell by
and they really should be binned.


And then there are the vouchers
to collect those extra points.
Or fifty pence off bacon,
 potatoes or lamb joints.


There is half a pack of tic tacs,
a few elderly receipts.
A forgotten chewy toffee
that you'd put in as a treat.

There's a tiny pocket diary
 with a leaky sticky pen.
(In case you need some paper
to write that note to Ben).


The great big bunch of car keys
always vanish out of sight.
Then you have to tip your bag out
and give yourself a fright.


And what about that tampon
kept in a zipped up pocket,
that's got out of it's wrapping
and is stuck around a locket.


The purse sits in the middle
with a card from every store.
Trying to find the right one
is one step away from war.


There's a fiver for emergency’s,
but you can't remember where.
And a ticket from a concert
that you went to for a dare.


The Money for the car park
gets through an unseen hole,
and you have to search the lining
like a desperate little mole.


And if somebody ever asks you
to look inside their bag,
you'll never ever do it 
however much they nag.


Because somehow they are sacred,
it's not something you can touch
be it shoulder bag or satchel
 carry case or a clutch.


And some women are tidy
and just keep a purse and phone
but another woman's handbag
is a no go danger zone.
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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