Ingredients: Milk.

Allergy information: Produced on a farm run by nuts.

This milk is brought to you by Betty.

Born 27 -1-12

Nationality: British Friesian.

Herd number: 362

Status: Mother to two heifers

Hobbies: head rubs with Joe. Generally reflecting and ruminating on life.


Tattoos: 2 freeze brands.

Favourite place: Hardy's meadow.

Bad habits: Pushing to the front to get in the milking parlour first. Head butting the feed hopper for more cow cake. Dribbling on Joe's hat.

Favourite food: Cow cake with extra molasses.

Favourite drink: Cold water straight out of the trough.

Loves: Turn out in the spring. “It makes me feel young again”.The smell of sweet silage in the winter.

Hates: Veterinary surgeons and Bob the foot trimmer. Sukie when she's bulling. The AI man when he has cold hands.

Best friend: Queenie.

What my friends think of me: Betty doesn't like to be rushed and likes to chew things over.

Favourite quote: “Living the cream”

Jan Millward©