Wooly jumpers.

May 3, 2017


No everybody gets farming
or those who work the land,
it seems so complicated 
and hard to understand.


I've been reading some odd comments
and I want to set things straight.
So this is for the record
from the farm side of the gate.


Sheep grow wild and woolly,
so once or twice a year
they come in for a haircut,
that is what is called a “shear”.


The sheep are very grateful,
their wool is very thick.
If it isn't taken off them
they could get very sick.


Imagine wearing jumpers 
when it is hot and sunny.
The sheep would over heat
and that is never funny.


And if they get too sweaty,
it attracts big clouds of flies.
Then come the crawling maggots
and if left the poor ewe dies.


The wool is used for carpets,
or for cosy socks and coats.
It is better for the planet
so it always gets my vote.


It's a natural insulator,
not grown in a factory.
No man made polyester
I can tell you this for free.


We have been using sheep's wool
since before we had the wheel,
because we knew the value
of it's softness and it's feel.


Most shearers takes a minute
then the sheep goes running back.
and a worker rolls the wool up
and puts it in a sack.

If you need more information
please go and ask a farmer,
he wouldn't shear a ewe
if he thought that it would harm her.


And please try and remember
when your plate is nice and full,
to give thanks for all the farmers
who even grow your wool!
Jan Millward©



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©Jan Millward, 2018

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