In early.

I'll be home tonight quite early, I promise I won't be late. I've got to roll the paddock, then mend Six Acre's gate.

I'll know that it's your birthday and you've booked the local pub. I'll make sure that I'm finished, I like their lovely grub.

I am aiming for six thirty if everything goes to plan, but I've got to pick up wormer and there's no diesel in the van.

Yes I know you don't go out much, that's the trouble with a farm. but I need to check the heifers and bed down in the old barn.

I forgot to let the rams out it won't take very long, I'm sure they will be waiting but I'll hurry them along.

Yes I know that you are ready, but I've just met poor old Bill. I couldn't just walk past him, 'cause his wife's been rather ill.

I will have to change the battery on the top field electric fence, I'm really trying to hurry and you're sounding rather tense.

There's an oil leak on the tractor I tried to patch it up, but when I took a short cut I was knocked down by a tup.

But don't worry I'm not bleeding, I just have some mild concussion. But I will be with you in a minute there's no need to get a fuss on.

I know we're meeting Peter and his perfect wife called Gill, but I'm covered in oil and cow muck and I'm feeling slightly ill.

I know they will look perfect but I'll bleach off all the stains, I just need to cover the silage because Bill says it might rain.

Look I'm sorry but please stop ringing, I will be about half an hour. could you make me a quick sandwich I can eat it in the shower.

If you look behind the wellies you'll find I left your present, There is no need to thank me I know you love a pheasant.

And I'll try to stay awake when Pete moans about his day, sat at his work computer while we were hauling hay.

Oh and while I order diesel could you iron my favourite shirt it's the one behind the drier (please check for specks of dirt).

Thanks for being patient, I know you understand. it's not easy loving a farmer when they're married to their land. Jan Millward©