Annie. One year on.

Bright and cheerful, full of spark. A firework in a world of dark. Dressed in pink Armani suits, or old raincoat and welly boots.

A rainbow in a cloudy sky, a skylark singing way up high. Bright colour in a world of grey, a smile to help you on your way.

And all the laughs, the wicked wit, not the one who'd ever quit. The fire that burned all through the night, the one to stand up in a fight.

The whirlwind of inspired ideas, the one who dried up lonely tears. The guiding force in worlds of care, the one to challenge and to dare.

The thank you for a job well done. The battles lost and those she won. The little gestures, glass of wine. The reassurance all is fine.

A precious life that we all miss, the crushing hugs and lipsticked kiss. The passion for her family, a friend to you and also me.

We're glad we met you on life's path. We lived and loved and had a laugh. We think of all the fun we had, and try our best to not be sad.