The Care Awards.

April 8, 2017



Tonight is something special 
for those who work in care,
some amazing nominations
which we entered for a dare.


Now I can cope with most things
in a care home every day,
but when they mentioned prizes
at first I said no way.


We don't do it for the money
and that is just as well
and to stand up in the lime light
is my idea of hell.


But then a friend said clearly
we must show what we can do,
it's just bad news on the tele
lets change some points of view.


Lets stand here all together
and prove that we're the best
Show the world we work together
and put our ideas to the test.


Because we can make a difference,
we should shout out clear and loud.
We have made some great achievements
and for that we should be proud!


Tonight there are no losers,
you're all angels in disguise.
you are here because care matters
and that's the biggest prize!
Jan Millward©

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©Jan Millward, 2018

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