Tribute to the Land Girls.

In the dark days of the forties, when Britain was at war. The men all got their call up, and had to leave these shores.

The country stood united, they had to fight the foe. The women took their places as they watched their men folk go.

And some went in the factories and helped to make the bombs. All stood up to be counted, the daughters and their Mums.

But thousands from the cities went to work the land. They knew that they were needed, they had to make a stand.

They joined the Womens Land Army, the WLA. They soon were in the country, milking cows and making hay.

They supported the old farmers who didn't go to war. They grew the nations rations, they filled the country's stores.

And it was never ever easy, the work was hard and long. But they took up to the challenge, together they were strong.

They saw the planes fly over, they watched their cities burn. they fought their war with pitch forks, they knew it was their turn.

Hairdressers and shop girls in dungarees and boots. digging up the pastures picking beans and fruits.

Farming for our future, learning on the spot. Missing all their families, but giving their best shot.

They wore the badge of freedom as they worked upon the land, something our generation will never understand.

A nation of strong women who stood above the clouds of war we must vow that we'll remember what they were fighting for. Jan Millward©