Tattoos are very special and each one is unique. You need to find an artist who has a great technique. It used to be rebellious but now it's done for fun. Don't judge by others comments, they can be for everyone.

I've seen butterflies and elephants and jazzy little birds. The ones that say “cut me here” are just a bit absurd. Then there are Greek mottos that no one else can read, and round the ribs wild horses forever can stampede.

I've seen tiny little swallows, stars and dainty flowers. Arms covered in wild roses that must have taken hours. Names of sons and daughters and sometimes forgotten lovers, and unicorns with rainbows in every shade and colour.

Intricate black Celtic knots and random swirls and patterns. Moons and suns and planets and space ships around Saturn. Arrows pointing downhill with a cheeky nod and wink, roaring lions and tigers all coloured in with ink.

Barbed wire wrapped as a pattern around an ageing neck. Pet parrots locked forever just about to peck. Love and hate and passion recorded on the skin, fading hearts reminding us of what might have been.

Wolves forever roaming around a tinted calf. Naughty cartoon figures that were done for a laugh. Hearts pierced with arrows declare undying love, angels float on backbones for guidance from above.

Don't be afraid to try one, use your imagination. You can have most anything, your own bright wild creation. But they will last forever, so think before you choose, and never ever get one if you've been on the booze! Jan Millward©