The Holocaust.

Some say it never happened in those dark days of the war. The murdering of innocents, are you really sure?

Did it really happen, Did they round up all the Jews? We now live in freedom, we believe just what we choose.

But the evidence is heavy, it's been written with their blood. We see the fading photographs, folk huddled in the mud.

The allies found the chambers, where so many lost their life. Children gassed with parents. Whole families, man and wife.

Have a look at Auschwitz, it will chill you to the core. Mounds of abandoned clothing, piled forlornly on the floor.

Striped baggy shirts and trousers, tattoos upon their arms. Traumatised old adults, who can't forget the harm.

The world must stop and listen to their whispers through the years. If we do not remember, it may start again I fear.

Skeletal rows of bodies haunt so many who were there. Listen to their stories, and find the time to share. Jan Millward©