England v Wales.

There's tension in our household, England are playing Wales. The scrum halves are enormous The forwards as hard as nails.

They line up for the anthems, Land of my fathers rings out They're full of passion and singing, Red dragons are flying about.

And then the national anthem For the boys who play in white. The pride in their team is inspiring, They are always up for the fight.

The Welsh crowd they are singing Bread of heaven is food for their soul, Daffodils and leeks are waving, Winning is their only goal

But the English bring out their chariot, And swing it sweet and low, St George is after the dragon, but they have a long way to go.

England are first on the score sheet, And now the Welsh fight back It's going to be a nail biter, As they defend and then attack.

And one year Wales are better, And lift the grand slam cup, But next year England will beat them If they get some better luck.

Back and forth go the forwards, First it's the leek then the rose. Someone will always be happy, That's just the way it goes!

And while they all are fighting the Irish they step up They come on Shamrocks waving and sneak away with the cup! Jan Millward©