The empty chair.

When someone dies it seems unfair. The unused cup, the empty chair. The world moves on and doesn't see, how close they were to you and me.

The milkman calls at the same time, he didn't know that man of mine. The sun still shines, the rain still falls, the quietness shouts out from the walls.

The dog still barks at straying cats, the postman leaves mail on the mat. The seasons come, time marches on. I can't believe that you have gone.

The days still dawns without your smile, I miss your voice, it's been a while. The clock ticks loud without a care, I look around but you're not there.

It wasn't meant to be like this. I miss your hugs, I want your kiss. I need you now more than before, but I can't have you any more.

The faces they all look the same, they try to help, but all in vain. The only thing I need is you. Our love was strong, our hearts were true.

Time will not heal the gaping void. Our precious bond has been destroyed. Death has consumed our hopes and dreams. My heart and soul ripped at the seams.

Please do not worry, I'll pull through. I don't know what else I can do. I need to gently set my pace. I may still cry, it's no disgrace.

Some days I may forget to grieve, not have my heart set on my sleeve. I'll slowly learn to live my life, but I will always be your wife.

And years from now I'll smile and say, I'm blessed we shared our love that way. I may have lost you but I'm glad, of every second that we had. Jan Millward©