My generation.

January 30, 2017


What is the world coming to,
said my elderly Mum.
Everything on the news these days
seems particularly glum.

There never used to be this sort of trouble
when I was your age.
Everyone seems to be burning
with anger, hate and rage.

I can't understand it
she said over her tea.
We used to be so tolerant
and now it is all about me, me me.

Look at those youngsters
with those things on their heads.
I think it makes them look frightening.
They should be made to remove them instead.

Everyone used to get on so well,
she grumbled, watching the news.
We never had trouble like this.
We always respected other peoples views.

But you went to war Mum,
it can't have all been good.
Hitler wanted the perfect race,
he really thought he could.

The writing is on the wall Mum.
It seems to have happened before.
One minute we all get on and then
the next we are heading for war.

You told me about the death camps,
how so many were murdered there.
I am sure they didn't believe then
that their life had been very fair.

Do you think we are really so different
from your generation, you know?
I've seen the graves in Normandy.
 All of them lying forlornly, row upon bloody row.

And those before them, in the war to end all wars
was it worth the loss, what were they fighting for?
Do you still think we are so different
from the forgotten soldiers of the Western front?

There are now so many people sharing this earth.
But our values remain, each life has it's worth.
We have always had the potential
to achieve great good or descend into evil.

It's now our generation that must  learn.
We must pick up the reins and take our turn.
If we challenge the evil that tries to take hold,
we all might have a chance at a turn to grow old.
Jan Millward©



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©Jan Millward, 2018

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