Standing up for real milk!

Milk is produced by dairy cows, who live on farms, eat grass and browse. They have a calf, then produce milk, which makes a drink a smooth as silk.

Milk is the food that helps build bones, there is no pus or banned hormones. The calcium will make you strong, if you drink it you won't go wrong.

And from that milk you get your cream, which in a cake tastes like a dream. And from it too they make our cheese, with crackers that is sure to please.

Antibiotics here are banned in milk from our own pleasant land. The stuff you buy is fresh and pure, come have a look if you're unsure.

You cannot get milk from a nut, there are no ifs there are no buts. It is a substitute that's true, but you need to hear this point of view.

The dairy farmer knows his stock, this may come as an awful shock. But he cares for all and treats them right, and checks them morning noon and night.

And when the winter storms do blow, until the fresh green grass will grow. They stay inside so warm and dry, if you don't know just ask us why.

The calves race round on golden straw, they're fed so well they don't want more. If you want answers ask at the farm, you'll be reassured they do no harm.

There is so much news in the press, that many now can only guess. But British milk is under threat, so many have increasing debt.

Our countryside is bound to change, if we lose cows that freely range. Please think before you make your choice, and let the farmer have a voice. Jan Millward©