Don't walk under a ladder or you are tempting fate. Nod or salute to that magpie that's sat on your garden gate. Don't put new shoes on a table, and remember to touch wood. Throw split salt o'er your shoulder, if you want your life to be good.

And if your foot is itching it means you're going away, (unless it is the left one and then you'll have to stay). Make a wish with a wish bone and hope they all come true, and never cross on a stair case, it's something you must not do.

If you find a horse shoe, you must hang it the right way up, for if it's pointing downwards you're sure to run out of luck. Pick some lucky white heather and keep it in a jar, then hope a black cat walks towards you, if you want to go far.

Be careful with your mirrors or for seven years you will cry, and never catch a sparrow if you don't really don't want to die. And when you're getting married you must wear something blue, as well as something borrowed and something that's brand new.

You must never open a brolly until you have got outside. Because you won't get through the doorway, so that is justified. If you hear someone sneezing it's best to say “bless you”, make sure you cross your fingers so your wishes will come true.

The first of the month is white rabbits, or a pinch and a punch. Don't step on the cracks in the pavement if you're out for lunch. And if you get hit with bird poo, it's said you'll get good luck, although all that has really happened is you are covered in muck.

So look for the colourful rainbow if you want a pot of gold, and don't let a bird in your kitchen if you want to grow old. Or you might want to risk it, I'm not saying that you should. But before you make a decision, just knock three times on wood.

Jan Millward©