Why am I here on planet earth? I'll never know, for what it's worth. A tiny dot in outer space, one member of the human race.

Infinite miles and no one there? I sometimes look and stand and stare. I see the stars light up the sky, I do not know the reason why.

Are we alone on our small sphere, does someone know that we are here? What is the point of what we do? I'd like to hear your point of view.

Where does it end and what's beyond, I wish I had a magic wand. Is there a place where mortals go? I'm not sure that I want to know.

Can we not see what's in plain view? is someone watching me and you? Is there a mist before our eyes, and we can't see through the disguise.

Are we just pawns in some great plot or to live and die is just our lot? Maybe we go beyond our sight, and head out to the starry light.

So many cleverer than me have looked so hard but couldn't see. Perhaps we have to wait to die to see if then we'll learn to fly.

Are we observed through drifting sands by unseen eyes from foreign lands? Our universe is like a chart, hung in the sky, a work of art.

Strange galaxies that we'll never see I wonder what they'd think of me.

What is the key? Is there a plan?

Can we glimpse how life began? Jan Millward©