The Countryman's club.

December 23, 2016


If you have been a farmer
and worked upon the land
or lived life in the country,
and like to lend a hand.


If you like a bit of banter
and a chance to make new friends,
come along and join us
we're the club that never ends.


You can come and drive the tractor
and feed our flock of sheep.
Or help us with the chickens,
pick apples in a heap.


You could have a go at woodwork
and help us mend some gates,
discuss your views with others
and drink tea with all your mates.


The club is a small haven
where we all like to muck in.
Where everyone is valued
and adventures can begin.


It can give you back a purpose
with folk who feel the same.
It's a rural life oasis,
where friendship is the aim.


And you can share your knowledge
and help us run our shows.
Get stuck in with the livestock,
with muck upon your clothes.


So if you're feeling lonely
and feel life has passed you by,
come along and join us
you won't know if you don't try!


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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