Christmas cheer.

December 18, 2016


We've braved the supermarket
and we've done the Christmas shop.
The traffic was appalling
and now we're fit to drop.


We've boxes full of crackers,
mince pies and double cream.
We fought our way through bravely,
trying not to scream.


We remembered the satsumas,
the eggs and bags of nuts.
Christmas cake and pudding
to fill our greedy guts.


We grabbed a bag of carrots,
the last one on the shelf.
We nearly lost the battle 
with a man dressed as an elf.


We battled through the trolleys
that filled up every aisle.
The queue to buy the bacon
was down to single file.


We didn't get a lettuce,
so we'll have to do without.
But we got some half price lemons
and some bottles full of stout.


We have  a wide selection
of every type of cheese.
With a jar of pickled onions,
we've done our best to please.


A woman rammed our trolley
as we tried to get some bread,
she was wearing Santa earrings
and her face was angry red.


A man in a jolly jumper
had loaded up with beer,
he may not have a turkey
but at least he had some cheer.


The frozen food department
had done a roaring trade
on mini party platters,
attractively displayed.


The checkout queues were heaving,
we knew we'd have a wait.
We glanced at all the others,
resigned to their own fate.


And some were sending partners
off down the aisles to get
things they had forgotten,
they were getting in a fret.


When finally we were finished
and got back to the car,
 we sat  for twenty minutes
not getting very far.


Then we unpacked the shopping,
but we couldn't find the sprouts.
We thought that we had packed them
in with the two smoked trout.


The shops were close to shutting
and we nearly had a cry,
then we saw a green net poking
out behind a  large mince pie.


 So we go and stuff the turkey
and pour ourselves a drink
and delegate an aunty to
a turn at the kitchen sink.


The shops will soon be open
for the parties at new year.
but for now we are relaxing,
 and we're full of Christmas cheer!
Jan Millward©


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