The butterfly.

A butterfly flew in our window, And got stuck at the top of the frame. It fluttered it’s wings in a panic, It was such a terrible shame.

Next day I found it quite crumpled, It lay on the floor all forlorn. I hadn’t been able to save it, It’s wings were all battered and torn.

But once it had been just so special, With colours both vivid and bright, It had fluttered all over the garden, It had been such a wonderful sight.

Everyone stopped to admire it To gaze at each breathtaking hue, As it danced on the edge of a rosebud Beating its wings as it flew.

But nothing it seems lasts forever Beauty flits by with the breeze So value the fleeting gold seconds These are the moments to seize.

Hold on to each precious memory, Cherish your loved ones each day, Remember to love and be happy Before time takes all things away. Jan Millward©