Your dog.

When you don't know what's in store, and you can't take life any more. When you feel you have no hope, when you think you cannot cope.

When life is hard and you feel beat. When you are worn out on your feet. When you have given all you've got, and you have nearly lost the plot.

Look at your dog, into his eyes, he will not tell you any lies. He will be faithful, always there, when you are feeling in despair.

A dog will be your true best friend, he'll stay by you until his end. He'll never falter or give in, he'll be your friend through thick and thin.

Call out his name and see him run into your arms, your heart he's won. Give him a hug and you will find, so many worries left behind.

A dog will know if you feel rough, if you have taken quite enough. He'll offer you a love that's pure, much better than a doctors cure.

A dog is more than just a pet, he'll comfort you when you're upset. He'll bring you joy that never fails, with friendly licks and wags of tails. Jan Millward©