Just a carer.

November 4, 2016

I am just a carer
That's what people think of me,
It isn't very pleasant,
They've seen it on TV.


Blood and guts and vomit
Sickness and diarrhoea.
They wouldn't want to do it,
It isn't a career.


But I have been a carer
Since the day that I left school.
I haven't been to college,
But I'm really not a fool.


Caring for the elderly
Is more than making tea.
It needs a special person,
And I know this is for me.


When you have dementia,
when you're getting old.
It can be very lonely,
When you're left out in the cold.


It needs a special person,
One who really cares.
One who lights the room up,
When all around are stares.


Someone very patient,
Someone very kind.
Someone who will lead you
When you're going blind.


A wealth of understanding
And time to listen too.
You won't be able to do it,
If all you think about is you.


The job is quite a privilege
That others do not see.
When you finish work today,
Did you think of me?


Did you know I sat with
Someone taking their last breath?
Do you know how precious
are those moments before death?


Do you know how hard it is
To say goodbye and then,
Go and help the other folk
And do it all again?


Do you know how good it is
When you get a smile,
From someone who is down and low
When you've gone the extra mile?


Caring is a way of life
Judge us if you must
But we are not just carers
We are magic fairy dust!

Jan Millward ©


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