I'm a...

I'm a white American born in the USA. I'm a black South African, I'm a straight guy and a gay.

I'm a Afghan rebel fighting for a cause, I'm an English vicar praying to stop wars.

I'm a Muslim woman, beneath a sacred veil. I'm a young man, Iam ninety. I am strong and I am frail.

I'm a tough Australian, rounding up my sheep. I'm a widowed lady trying not to weep.

I'm a brave young soldier but I don't want to die, I'm a lonely spinster and I'm a Russian spy.

I'm a Chinese farmer working on the land. I'm an Arab business man in deserts full of sand.

I'm a part of history waiting to unfold, I'm a poor prospector hoping to strike gold.

I'm a living being with blood the same as you. I shall never challenge or change your point of view.

I have skin that's yellow, black or palest white. I pray for our future In the darkest night.

I am just another part of all mankind, I see all our problems, but I know that I'm blind.

I can make a difference, 'though I'm too poor to care. I am blessed with many riches, but I don't think it's fair.

I hope that when you read this, the message is quite clear. If you see past the prejudice we'll have nothing left to fear. Jan Millward©