Winter in a care home.

The heating went on in August, there are blankets on every knee. A constant demand for hot chocolate, radiators notched up a degree.

Hot bottles of water are needed, to warm up fingers and toes. Blankets are got out of cupboards, everyone's wrapped up in throws.

Winter is coming quite quickly, frost is covering the lawn. But all our bedrooms are boiling and we try to stifle a yawn.

Someone comes in from the garden and lets in an icy cold blast, which causes old Fred to shout out: “Make sure you shut that door fast”.

But winter can be sometimes special, we can watch the birds on the grass. It may be grey and dull weather, but we know one day it will pass.

We talk of winters now long gone, when we had to shovel the path, then heat up pans full of water just so we could have a hot bath.

We remember the blizzards and snow drifts when we couldn't get out of the door. When the windows had frost on the inside, in the years just after the war.

There's something about being cosy when the weather is bitter outside, with a bowl of soup and some knitting snuggled up by a glowing fireside .

Then there's the run up to Christmas, with lots of goodies to make. Hyacinth bowls planted ready, sweet tasty mince pies to bake.

And then there are programmes on tele,' which come round at this time of year. Panto's and shows in abundance, to keep us all in good cheer.

It's great to look at the weather when you are as snug as a bug. Having a sip of sweet sherry, or something hot in a mug.

And winter brings us a promise that there'll always be a new spring. So snuggle up and enjoy it and savour the gifts that it brings! Jan Millward©