Live it!

Jan Millward Poetry Live it!

Live your life with very breath,

do not be afraid of death.

Seize the moment with both hands,

travel to those far off lands.

Love and laugh each precious day

before the seconds tick away.

Find a job where you can grow,

remember to reap what you sow.

See the joy in every flower,

find some good in every hour.

Don't let envy eat your soul,

or let anger take control.

Cherish family and your friends,

say you're sorry, make amends.

Cry with laughter, wipe up tears,

face up to your hidden fears.

Have a go at something new,

look for others point of view.

Climb the mountain, sail the sea,

the best of times are often free.

Write the book, sing out your song,

there is no right, there is no wrong.

Be kind to others, show the way.

Give respect to those who pray.

Look up and see the stars that shine,

eat the chocolate, drink the wine.

This is your time, you have one chance.

Don't grow old and miss the dance.

Jan Millward©