October 12, 2016


The mist hung low that morning
That fateful autumn day,
the school was full of children
ready to work and play.


No one saw it coming,
though some heard a mighty roar,
 A hundred thousand tons of shale
slid down the valley floor.


So many young lives buried,
as families searched in vain.
The whole town stood there weeping
amidst the cloud and rain.


Since then we all remember
the sad town called Aberfan.
The tragic line of coffins,
lives gone as they began.


So many prayers unanswered,
mud moved with raw bare hands.
No one could give them solace,
no one could understand.


Their stories will live forever
of  the families torn apart,
a hundred thousand tear drops
from every broken heart.
Jan Millward©


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©Jan Millward, 2018

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