Symptom sorter.

Never google symptoms if you feel unwell, it is a one way ticket for a nervous ride to hell. That little muscle spasm that made your eyelid twitch, that rash around your ankle that made you want to itch.

The flatulence and belching is probably only curry, but if you turn to google you're guaranteed to worry. The headache is from reading far into the night, not from a brain disorder, don't give yourself a fright.

If you are really worried go and get yourself checked out, never type in symptoms or you'll fill your head with doubt. You can't turn diabetic just because you ate a cake, even if a web site says so, it's probably just a fake.

You haven't got dementia because you cannot find your keys, and if your legs are aching you don't need two new knees. The lump upon your temple is from where you hit your head, The computer might well tell you that you'll very soon be dead.

Searching on the internet can open cans of worms, and make you feel your riddled with diseases and vile germs. So have a paracetamol and get a good nights rest, and if its getting cold out make sure you wear your vest! Jan Millward©