When I was just a little girl, before my life had then unfurled. My mother did the best for me, she gave me wings to set me free.

She wiped my face, she dried my tears. She taught me how to face my fears. She showed me how to be the best, I knew that I was truly blessed.

And now she faces her worst fears. She can't remember all the years, of love and laughter, pain and smiles, now empty space for miles and miles.

It hurts to see her, just a shell, and we must face the long farewell. We see her fade before our eyes, that sad old face, a thin disguise.

But every now and then I see, the woman that she used to be. So generous, so kind and funny, making every day seem sunny.

And I will hang on to the end, although her mind I cannot mend. I know she loves me deep inside all I can do is know I've tried.

So mother I will not forget, I'll hold your hand so you won't fret. I'll try and show you how I care I'll stand by you, though you're not there.

And many days will be so hard, the things you say may leave me scarred. But love is deeper, love is kind, our lives will always be entwined.

And when we say our last goodbye, when finally you're free to fly. I hope you know that I was there, and in the darkness heard my prayer. Jan Millward©