It was the eleventh of September a clear blue autumn sky. folk gathered at the airports, not knowing they would die.

People having breakfast preparing for their day, traffic busy queuing along the state highway.

Fireman at the stations waiting for a call, policeman out patrolling busy shopping malls.

Then chaos in the city, murder in the sky. A plane hits the first tower, and no one knows just why.

Confusion turns to panic, then another does the same, the world turns on it's axis we don't know who to blame.

The president gets the message, he says we are at war. But we don't know who we're fighting, or who we're looking for.

People trapped above us, some fall down like rain. The whole world is in crisis, so many are in pain.

We watch the news with terror as the damage now unfolds. Dark clouds hang o'er the city our blood has all run cold.

So many died as heroes, too many lives were lost. Unfathomable damage, we can never count the cost.

And now we must remember and each one of us must try, to be good to one another look back and hear their cry.

We must face this world of hatred and recall that fateful day, replace the hurt with kindness and wipe bitter tears away. Jan Millward©