Curse of the England football team.

The flags are out for England, the fridge is full of beer. They line up for the anthem, and we give a big cheer.

We are playing Iceland they should win at least 2-0, after all the build up and one enormous bill.

Every time we hope for a bit of National pride. We hide behind the sofa but the ball keeps going wide.

We are shown up by our neighbours, Wales played with heart and soul. But England keep on missing and cannot score a goal.

We cannot keep a manager, St George is looking cross. We need to sort this team out and get a decent boss.

And so we keep on harping back to our glory days. But fifty years have passed by, that's now a misty haze.

So come on sort yourselves out, we feel that we've been cursed. What we really want now is the passion of Geoff Hurst.

We need a boss like Ramsey, we need the lions to roar. We need a team that knows how to get out there and score! Jan Millward.©