Wild Scotland.

Majestic, soaring mountains, muddied heathered slopes. Mist seeping through the hillsides, the land of dreams and hopes.

Sweeping glens and valleys, lochs smudged with passing clouds, gushing streams and waterfalls, away from bustling crowds.

Distant off shore islands, where eagles scan the skies. Wild untamed and glorious, a balm for weary eyes.

Noble stags with antlers, proud lords of untamed lands. Thousands of windswept acres, untouched by human hands.

Gnarled and ancient forests, the legends that they hide. the clans and stone walled castles, protect the land with pride.

The harsh raw edge of winter, softened by drifting snow. Squat isolated farmsteads, with fireside’s all aglow.

The tartans tell the history, of those who've gone before. Strong kilted men with bagpipes, play tunes from days of yore.

This ancient land is precious, a pure sanctuary of peace. we must always be respectful, it is only ours on lease.

©Jan Millward.