The power of music.

A little rhyme that you first learned whilst on your Mother's knee. A verse or two from Sunday school sung loud and out of key. A poem chanted whilst you skipped with friends so long ago, all have the power to take you back, it's something you must know.

Stored in the back room of your brain just waiting to unlock, lie an symphony of memories to turn back the ticking clock. Songs you heard when you were young stay with you all your life, and bring the good times flooding back and wash away your strife.

Hymns you sung whilst still at school can calm you while you sleep. The songs you used to dance to are the melodies that you'll keep. Music can break down barriers and reach into a troubled mind, it calms the soul and brings a smile and leaves the cares behind.

The first notes sound familiar and soon the words will come. They're etched so deep within your soul and you will start to hum. And waves of well known rhythms will fill your heart with pleasure, the sound tracks to your lifetime are the ones to always treasure.

Let music be the starlight that guides you home again. Let it soar beyond the storm clouds that gather in the brain. Let the notes cascade like diamonds and scatter in the sun. Then unite your mind with purpose and fill your life with fun. Jan Millward©